Oral drops/sprays/pastes are one of the original ways through which CBD has been taken in previous years and is still one of the more popular methods. This allows the user to boost their endocannabinoid system gradually, similar to taking vitamin supplements.


Capsules, gum drops, chocolate and other such ingestible CBD products may appeal to those who may not be able to take CBD via other methods due to physical limitations or where they may find the taste/sensation disagreeable. Like oral drops, anecdotal commentary from users suggests that it provides a gradual boost of the endocannabinoid system and can also provide an option for those looking to explore the possibility of CBD.


Inhaling/vaping CBD is one of the most fast-acting methods through which CBD can be absorbed into the system.


Topical creams/balms/salves allow users to target specific locations and are a good intermediary between vaping and oral ingestion as it provides a faster-acting effect than oral drops, but also allows for a boost of the endocannabinoid system.

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